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I want to start saving electricity?

In front of you is a unique device, energy-saving socket E-Energy!

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Since opening, we worked diligently Slovenia the inventors of electricity, technical for you to make easier, safer and more energy efficient than ever before. Yes, the new devices consume much less energy, more its predecessors, but people still have concern and the opportunity you are looking for savings on their electric bills payment.

Electricity together with savings Slovenia E-Energy

Vampire receptacle

Out there is a vampire. This work, at home, or in town, vampire bites are damaging to the environment and this wallet. But for now, no House barricade garlic and stock. As a simple check more than one stop this monster, cutlery, electrical appliances, network filter.

Ultimately, this all day charger for mobile phone which makes, up is plugged into the wall?

Over time, many of these watches they actually consume more electricity than a microwave and TV when not in use, even in those days, when in fact, hot lunch, and see, is a series that you love.

According to the program, EPA Energy Star, energy costs such as "the vampire" makeup to 30%.

Unintentional leakage of electricity and how to tackle it but to save some money on electricity bills in the process?

Select which device to save energy

How to make a choice

There are a number on the market today, designed for vehicles, reducing unnecessary energy loss. Purchase energy-saving technique, despite having less power to spend, initially, have a fork.

In savings accounts but elsewhere in a cheaper way light socket E-Energy!

Produced high quality and safety standards, those will serve for many years warranty!

It's not hard to order, but this device to save energy E-Energy criteria displays all warranty low energy consumption and the energy saving potential to a new level. The device works with absolutely no technique!

Advantages and disadvantages E-Energy

Advantages and disadvantages

Socket made of eco-friendly materials for a more favourable environment, but a little more expensive, used more traditional. But once taken, a decision to take the device to conserve energy, on the contrary, you will save money, because:

Investment in energy efficiency and saving, not just money, but no guarantee that will be!


In reality, a certain amount of energy in standby mode leakage is inevitable, especially while working practical for large appliances or other devices to disable. But that doesn't mean that electricity costs shall be minimized.

Of course, energy-saving socket E-Energy it may seem a useless weapon against large-scale electrical leakage. But if enough people aware of the problem and can take steps to avoid him, Slovenia's better use of a large amount of energy and Natural Resources, and people spend less money on you electric bill.

Using the official website E-Energyyou can find more information and purchase the device for energy saving for a 50% discount. Hurry, yet the price remains advantageous! Remember to tell others about electricity saving and Environmental Protection!