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Hello friends! A very long time ago I ordered this device for energy saving E-Energy. A seemingly normal receptacle don't, no, But Everything's in order!

There is the garage, which I love, free time, and very cold in winter, but the battery freezes. The heater worked for during the day? Any money that is not enough! And the time has come, this miracle technique is an ad, then I realized this is an option for me, and I thought!

Time for review, only the replacement of the product completely, and quickly order through the official website of the entrance E-Energybecause 50% discount is not there in the way. Meanwhile, I was just getting train tickets on the internet previously, and therefore anxious he surrendered, but in vain. Manager contacted me immediately after ordering and a week later, to make the notification.

A device is taught and how it is used instructed! All just:

  1. First, you want to add the network us smart gadget;
  2. Then an electronic that you want to connect;
  3. All! You can set Auto Power Off Timer backfire!

So I ran it the difference the difference in energy consumption: almost a quarter for electricity and savings accounts very happy till this day!

And that's all! I hope to use my experience and apply E-Energy useful to you! I would definitely recommend!