Instructions for use E-Energy

Teaching and practice E-Energy


Control, illegal electricity only gaining popularity in Slovenia starts. To learn how to use and is a device for energy saving just enough for familiar with use the following instructions.

  1. Smart socket plug network. Both this power, so that active money saving, consuming a lot of power;
  2. You must have the device with him, the team Food Network. A good example is a stereo system for the devices, printers, scanners, or other electronic devices, such as a TV, a computer or a game system;
  3. You must be connected to a smart socket and ready for the start saving money now. Check and try to open it, the device is connected to it.

General safety rules

Read this manual carefully before first use!

  • Let's see if this product is moisture, dust or extreme temperature;
  • Do not attempt to open the product. There is a piece inside, the service by the receiver;
  • If you do not repair the device yourself, your device does not work properly if power off and refer to the product support;
  • Monitor for small children, played with them a product;
  • Expose chemicals, oil or other liquid;
  • Drop and shock do not expose it to;
  • Turn off the device during thunderstorms or when not used for long periods of time.

Frequently asked questions

Question Answer
How much Are you actually saving, electric, a connected socket E-Energy? Over time, depending on the connected device is not used, generally, if the difference is more than 10%.
A few sets at home badge? Of course, better to fill them more and more effect the whole house then save.
These devices there Fire Protection? If the connected device for the energy-saving gadget you can disable completely, or just old poor quality cable could start a fire.
How many days the room? Slovenia room for 5-10 days.
Is there a warranty? 24 month warranty.
Contraindications There device? No, just reading - desire-deals and saving electrical in nature!